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The term “paid marketing” refers to outside marketing initiatives that include paid placement, including display ads, branded content, and pay-per-click marketing.


For online businesses, paid media play a crucial role in brand promotion and revenue growth. L&H Technocom specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing with an emphasis on landing page analysis, profit maximization, and optimizing conversion rates. Therefore, whether you manage a little café or a big e-commerce website, our PPC marketing services can attract new customers, increase brand awareness, or boost sales.

Important ingredients in our PPC Marketing:

  • Superior Tools And Analytics: Conversion-driven ad monitoring and management 
  • Guaranteed Results: Incomparable PPC campaign management services with quick outcomes!
  • Data-Driven Optimizations: Campaigns are updated round-the-clock based on A/B testing and other indicators.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Weekly and monthly paid ads reporting and analysis
  • Industry-Leading Specialists: Certified Google Ads Experts, and Experienced paid ads professionals team 
  • As Udaipur’s best Marketing company, we provide multiple paid marketings for growing your business: 

SEO to rank your website

Fly High with Google Adwords

Promote your business online

Increase traffic on your website

Manage and grow your organization

Optimize your conversion rate!


Boost Your Business with Google Ads

As we have Google certified experienced paid media team able to deliver the best google ads across all google platforms. They focus on providing high-value traffic sculpting within Google Ads, focusing on precise intent-targeting to ensure that each ad is placed in front of our client’s target audiences. L&H has in-house content and copy-writers who create conversion-driven, custom copy to drive home results in combination with our traffic and targeting tactics within our paid media strategies.

We think big and have hands in all leading technology platforms to provide
you wide array of services.

Keyword Research

Through keyword research and strategy, our SEO professionals drive relevant traffic to your website.

Research analyst

Monthly Report

Our team provides accurate website and ad campaign data reports such as ​​Google Analytics metrics, and monthly team reports. 

Ads Creation

We successfully completed 2K+ ad campaigns for various businesses using PPC tools with targeted audiences and market regions.

PPC Monitoring

Our PPC marketing experts help businesses generate more leads, revenue growth, and achieve their business goals.


As Udaipur’s best Marketing company, we provide multiple paid marketings for
growing your business:

Paid Media

Our paid media marketing services are ROI- focused that’s why we are the top paid marketing agency in Udaipur. Paid Media is an effective marketing strategy that includes ad tactics you pay for. Paid media includes paid search ads, shopping ads, TV ads, Online video ads, display ads, and social media ads. We provide precise tracking and efficient funnel-based media strategies that are effective and result driven. We use A/B testing on a regular basis to tailor each paid campaign to the client and identify the best-case scenarios that will yield the most profitable results.


Remarketing is an advertising process that uses individual cookies while a user is browsing a website. When they leave, advertisements are served to them across the internet. This is an efficient way to generate sales from qualified customers. Our pay-per-click team can strategise and reach high-intent audiences through precise audience segmentation in order to re-engage or follow up with new or existing users. We truly keep your brand at the forefront of everything we do.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our Meta ads expert team is able to deliver highly result-oriented paid ads with very low CPC and high conversion rates. With our Facebook ad campaigns, you can expect your brand to boost its visibility across the interest customers, potential customers and demographic targeting. We will reach audiences you didn’t know you had!

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L&H Technocom Pvt ltd is a Udaipur-based leading IT technology company, which provides premium services related to digital marketing, online business strategy & data visualization.