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Data Visualization Services

Our Data Visualization Services will enable you to communicate your data as impactful, actionable, and interactive to your stakeholders. We help you convert your data into an interactive and easy-to-read dashboard. 

At L&H Technocom, we provide services that eliminate the dependencies and errors caused by manual data handling. With our experience in data visualization, We cater to your data needs right, from data collection and data cleansing to data visualisation.

Stunning Data Visualization Services We Offer at L&H

We are a leading data visualization service company in India with years of expertise in transforming data into compelling and clear narratives. Make the most of your data visualised and give it your brand’s voice to meet your business goals. Our attractive infographics, interactive presentations, and conversational interfaces increase conversions and build memorable brand conversations.

Countless businesses, from startups to established brands and MNCs have used our data visualization consulting services in the USA, India, and the UK to better manage customer expectations and architect their digital transformation through the use of analytics and technology.

How we do it?

Our team of data specialists, who have significant experience generating ROI for clients, will manage the entire process. We assist you in establishing a data-driven culture in which every stakeholder has access to critical insights for making better decisions. Throughout your data journey, our data scientists will assist you in implementing a research and development strategy to finalise the best data visualization approach.


Data Collection

The first step in data visualization is gathering data sets from various departments. We must ensure that we are collecting and consolidating the correct data.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the most important step in ensuring data quality, and we ensure data accuracy before proceeding with data visualisation.


We use innovative data mapping and data modelling techniques to visualise your data sets based on the requirements.

Data Visualization

In the final stage, we use data visualisation solutions and methods to prepare a final report. To make the report more interactive and engaging represent in graphs with insights.

Data Visualization Techniques we used

  • Symbol map                  
  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Heat map
  • Funnel chart
  • Connectivity chart
  • Scatterplot 
  • Sparkline
  • Matrix, etc.

Here's how Data Visualization can help you in reinventing your user experience:

1.Reports & Dashboards control assistance:

We create customised reports and design dashboards for a wide range of users:

  • Strategic & interactive dashboards for C-level executives to monitor KPIs across the company
  • Tactical and planning dashboards for mid-level management.
  • Operational dashboards for managers to monitor business operations and functions, identify blockages, and resolve them etc.
  • Analytics dashboards for data specialists and analyst teams to identify trends, and build forecasts to dominate business niche

2. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence(BI) Platform assistance:

To help you build up, analyze, and visualise your data, we do tasks such as:

  • Set up ETL/ELT processes to collect & integrate data from diverse sources.
  • Design a centralized depository, OLAP cubes, etc.
  • Execute data security and data quality management.
  • Set up data reporting and visualization.

3. Data Visualization Optimization:

We enhance your data visualisation solution by optimising it across multiple architectural layers:

  • Data source(s)
  • Data model
  • Visualizations (dashboards, reports, paginated reports, etc.)
  • Environment (data gateways, access controls, network, etc.)

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L&H Technocom Pvt ltd is a Udaipur-based leading IT technology company, which provides premium services related to digital marketing, online business strategy & data visualization.